Mental Health and Wellbeing Talks

Are you looking for an experienced mental health professional to address your employees/group about their mental wellbeing?

Would you like to be able to recognise signs of common mental health conditions and learn what you can do to care for your mental health and wellbeing?

Are you concerned about the mental wellbeing of your employees/group resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Project Management / Workplace Wellbeing

Are you looking for a mental health project manager?

Are you developing/revising your wellbeing programme?

Have you considered including evidenced based, effective and relevant material on mental health and wellbeing?

Have you considered mental wellbeing in light of Covid 19?

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Are you looking for a counsellor/psychotherapist?

People seek counselling for many different reasons. Some seek help to resolve issues from the past, some to manage current life issues, some to address stress, anxiety, low mood, burnout or other mental health issues.

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