Bríd O' Meara offers expertise in mental health and wellbeing

Bríd O' Meara

With over three decades of experience working in mental health and wellbeing in Ireland, Bríd has accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise. A registered psychiatric and general trained nurse, with a BA (Hons) in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, she has held senior nursing and healthcare management positions, delivered education on mental health and wellbeing, and provides counselling services.

Bríd's engaging speaking style makes it easy for her audience to understand common mental health difficulties, assisting her audience to recognise early warning signs. She provides a wealth of information on caring for and normalising one’s mental health. Bríd designs and delivers bespoke presentations on mental health and wellbeing for groups, whether small or large, public, private or corporate, in person or remotely.

Bríd shares tools, skills and techniques for managing mental wellbeing, which are practical, simple and easy to integrate into one's daily life. These practical tools, skills and techniques assist the audience in managing life's daily challenges.

We will definitely be asking Bríd to speak at the Law Society again! She recently presented to Law Society members on the impact Covid-19 is having on anxiety levels and mood. Her professionalism in teasing out and helping members understand what anxiety is, alongside providing practical tips on how they can manage their own anxiety, was greatly appreciated.

Feedback from members was overwhelmingly positive. They enjoyed the way Bríd’s presentation was practical and clear, leaving members with simple take-aways and practices that they can try out throughout the day.

Thanks Bríd. We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to have you back!

— Julie Breen
Professional Wellbeing Project Coordinator, Law Society of Ireland