Bríd O' Meara offers expertise in mental wellbeing programme development and project management

“ Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. ”

With over three decades of experience practicing in mental health in Ireland, Brid is committed to and highly accomplished in the empowerment of people to care for their own mental health and in supporting those experiencing mental health difficulties. Bríd brings a wealth of professional knowledge and expertise in mental wellbeing and clinical governance.

Experienced in both the development and revision of mental health programmes, Bríd is excellent at explaining mental health concerns in a way anyone can understand, such as anxiety, stress, depression, burnout. She provides a wealth of information on looking after and normalising one’s mental health. Bríd provides advice for line managers and senior management in addressing mental health concerns in the workplace.

With an extensive professional development portfolio, Bríd draws on evidenced based information and practice as well as her extensive professional experience. Using a collaborative approach, she is adept at working with teams to reach desired objectives.

Bríd has led a number of mental health projects, including the award winning action research project “Changing observation practice in an acute mental health setting” in Saint John of God Hospital. She also developed, co-piloted and delivered Aware’s popular “Relatives and Friends programme”. Currently, Bríd manages the Eden Programme for national mental health charity, Suicide or Survive, as well as assisting organisations with specific projects, including implementation of strategic plans and staff development.

Bríd has a special interest in the mental wellbeing of healthcare workers and carers, and all those tasked with providing care to others. She provides specific guidance relating to burnout and compassion fatigue, common among those providing care, with practical skills and techniques to prevent them.

Bríd speaks about mental health with authority, confidence and compassion. She draws on her vast training and experience to inform, guide and support employers and employees in developing and maintaining mental health programmes, policies and procedures. Her depth of knowledge combined with her focus on respecting and caring for every individual makes her an expert in her field.

— Dr. Claire Hayes
Consultant Clinical Psychologist